Coil Tubing Clamp

Patent Pending


  • Provides a safe way to lift tubing during stabbing operations and for securing the tubing on the reel.
  • Inserts allow a single clamp to be used for a range of tubing sizes
  • Inserts are carburized to provide for secure gripping and long life.
  • Patent Pending

Part Number 77-000
Rated Load, Lifting 5,000 lbs
Rated Load, Gripping 5,000 lbs
Load Tested to 15,000 lbs
Min Torque reg 150 ft-lbs

Insert Sizes Part Number
3/4”* 77-011
1”* 77-012
1-1/4” 77-013
1-1/2” 77-014
1-3/4” 77-015
2” 77-016
2-3/8” 77-017

*Rated Load 3,000 lbs

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