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The Robotics Summer of Learning Program, sponsored by Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy, is designed to advance students’ interests in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and advanced their programming skillsets. Software and training are provided for free throughout the summer and students will have 24/7 access to online course materials, as well as professional support from developers of the software and curriculum. There will be over $10,000 in prizes available to participants in the challenges, including free software, robot kits, and college scholarships.

Who Can Participate

Teachers participating in the program can connect with each other teacher participants via the CS2N Community on Writing Service. CS2N will also help answer questions and keep teachers up to date on any news regarding the Summer of Learning through the community. 

The program is hosted online at the Computer Science Student Network (CS2N). Anyone with access to the Internet can participate from all over the world. Teacher can sign up as a facilitator to work with their students as they progress through the training.

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About the Program

The program  kicks off on June 1 and runs to September 1, 2013. Sign up at

This summer students have the opportunity to learn how to program robots, design games, animate stories, and earn a chance to win over $10,000 in prizes and scholarships through the Robotics Summer of Learning Program!

Visit to learn more about the courses, activities and competitions taking place.

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