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  • Parents only need one account at all times. Parents can add multiple students to one account, or remove students if necessary.
  • Can Parents join groups?
    Can parents directly message their student’s teacher(s)?

  • In order to create an account, parents will need their unique parent code. This is not the same as a group code, which is what students use to create an account. (See the below FAQ for information on where to retrieve the parent code)
  • How can I get more information about Privacy?

    • Your student’s teacher: The teacher can retrieve parent codes from their “members” page and distribute them to parents.
  • Calendar notices
  • As a parent, what can I see from my Writing Service account?

      No, at this time parents are not able to join groups.

      Parents are not able to see the following in their account:
      Yes. You can use the same code to create two parent accounts and add the student to both accounts.

    • Apps the teacher has installed that include parent access
    • Direct messages their child’s teacher has sent to their child (or vice versa)
    • Assignment comments (i.e. any feedback the teacher provides on their assignment)
    • Can two parents create separate accounts for one child, using the same parent code?

    • Parents should create a Parent account, not a student or teacher account.
    • Your student/child: On the homepage of your student’s Writing Service account, the parent code is located on the right panel.
    • Assignments due & late assignments
    • Yes. Select the “Add a Student” button on the top navigation bar. Enter the student’s parent code, select your relationship to the student and click “add”.

    • Teacher communities
    • Do I need a parent code for each class my student is in?
      If you forget your password you can click on the “Forgot?” button on the Writing Service home page. You will receive an email with instructions on how to recover your password. If you have any issues please contact support@Writing Service.com for further help.

      I am both a teacher and a parent. Can I merge my Parent and Teacher accounts?

    • Messages sent by the teacher that are directed to parents
    • What if I forget my password?

      Can I have more than one student (i.e. child) on my account?

    • Parents of younger children who are asked to create a student account for their child only need to create one account.  The child/student will use the same account for all their classes and throughout all their years in school. The same rule applies for parent accounts- one account is used year after year, until your student/child graduates.
    • You can visit our Privacy Policy at: https://www.Writing Service.com/corporate/privacy-policy and can always contact us support@Writing Service.com.

    • Their child’s teachers and their Writing Service profile
    • Other student’s posts, replies, grades or assignments
    • Parents only need one parent code, regardless of whether their student has multiple teachers using Writing Service. best essay writing services Once their parent account is created, they will be able to see all of their student’s classes from that account.

    Parents are able to see the following in their account (for their student only):

  • Messages that teachers post to their student’s groups (unless directed to parents)
  • No. At this time this feature is not available.

    No. Once you create your parent account, you will be able to see assignments, grades, etc. for all your student’s classes.

    How do I get a parent code and create my account?
    No, you cannot merge the two accounts. Each account has special and unique functions that serve a specific purpose, and therefore, the accounts are kept separate. You can easily register for two different accounts.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Parent accounts are a great way for parents to observe and stay up to date with their child’s Writing Service activities. With more and more parents signing up for Writing Service, we wanted to provide additional information and tips on how to get started, as well as our most frequently asked questions from parents.

  • Library/backpack items or shared folders
    1. 5 Tips to Help Parents Get Started:

        Parent codes can be retrieved from one of two places:

      • Grades
      • Beyond that, the guidance seeks to i loved this flesh out key points about the block grant

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